Saturday, 17 June 2017

High ropes

The last day at camp I went across the bridge, past the orienteering path and to the highest activity at camp. 
The instructor clipped us into a harness and got us all ready to climb.
I was excited to get on the wobbly, scaly ropes. As I took my first step I got an electric shock of adrenaline, my nerves burst out and at that moment I was wondering how high I could actually get. 

As I climb another rough surface of wood I feel like I'm about to fall. My team encourages me and I nearly get to the top but come down. Belaying for what felt like forever but I didn't let my team break an arm. 

We went onto the next climbing course and I went first. After the first experience I was a little bit petrified. I stumbled back and forth then when we were all ready I staggered to my feet. Trembling but excited, I slowly climbed up the ladder. I apprehensively walked across the rope that felt like I was stroking a crocodile. I get to the other end. Feeling proud I say “Thank you” and go back over the bridge.

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  1. I really like how you said "apprehensively" When I read that sentence I thought "wow that's a delicate and beautiful word to use in writing it really entrances the reader and it goes very well with the sentence, well done!