Monday, 12 June 2017

Wild West

I stumbled down the sand dunes and staggered to my feet. Soft green grass in my
site. I run towards what I see and feel like a horse galloping along the beach. It was almost like a dream, a painted picture it was so real it didn't feel real.

 I stopped on the soft green grass glistening in the sun light. It's like one of the best backyards a girl could ever ask for. The sun shining every day, the waves peacefully crashing on top of each other. That's why I like it out here so much. My Mum just smiles.

I then ask mum what she thinks it would be like to be a horse. Mum says she has no idea and that it's getting late so I had to go to bed. I'm lying in bed listening to the night but it's all just dead of night. I fall asleep quickly but hear my mum sneak in and give me a kiss. Then I hear something unusual and foot steeps that don't sound familiar.

I get out of bed and quietly walk over to my dressing gown. I slip it on and sneak round the house like a spy. Suddenly I find myself screaming “help” in a stranger's arms dressed in black. Then out of nowhere the door breaks into pieces and a black stallion burst through the door rearing up in the air and thrashing his two front legs neighing at the man in black. He lets me go in shock and I run over to the horse. The man in black runs out the front door leaving his sack of stolen valuables behind.

The stallion calms down and looks at me. He walks out the door and wants me to follow him. The stallion flicks his head at me and helps me on his back.
We chase the man and grab him by the shirt we take of the mask and I realise that the man in black is my next door neighbour. The horse grabs him with his mouth and chucks him behind me. I keep an eye on him and the stallion walks back to my house. I get mum and dad to come downstairs. They ring the police and the police come. They take my next door neighbour away. Mum and dad notice the stallion in the background. I walk over to him and say “I'm going to call you Black Beauty” 

Rearing up once again Black Beauty and I become friends and each day we would play together and Black Beauty would help me learn to ride him. He gave me one more idea what it would feel like to be a horse. That night when I went to be bed it became morning very quickly which gave me another mystery to solve. From there on I played with Black Beauty every day and wondered was that all just a dream?

By Ella Fairbairn.


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  1. Such a great creative story! You have inspiring talent, keep it up Ella
    Love Margo