Monday, 3 July 2017

Science blog week 4

The Catapult Week 4

What I’ve done….
This term we have been working on science. Not long ago I made a catapult with   Emma. We had specific items to use and with our imagination we had to make the catapult. We had tape, spoons, rubber bands, popsicle sticks and a cotton balls. We raped a couple of rubber band around two popsicle sticks and the slipped the spoon between the rubber bands. 

What I found out…..
While making the catapult I found out that there are many other ways to make a catapult. After we tested the catapults we used science vocabulary from the catapults. From the vocabulary, I learnt about scientific words and different meanings  behind a catapult.

What I wonder.
I wonder if the size of the catapult will affect the length that the object will fly because the catapult that I made was smaller than the catapult that we borrowed from 
He tungata and the catapult that I made didn't go as far as the catapult we borrowed from He tungata.

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