Monday, 3 July 2017

Science blog week 5

The Rocket Balloon Week 5

What I've done 
I made a rocket balloon with Margo and it was amazing.
The first time we made the rocket balloon it failed but it was still fun.
We used three balloons because the first one popped and the second one had a whole in it.

What I found out 
I found out that the rocket balloon failed because we taped it upside down.
I also think it didn't work because we didn't have the string esactly on a 45 degree angle and the balloon was not the exact size and we were working outside so the wind resistant didn't help it work either.
The second time Margo and I did the rocket balloon it worked because we made sure that the balloon was the right size the string was on a 45 degree angle we were working inside and the balloon was taped on the the straw the right was around.

What I wonder 
I wonder if different angle will make the balloon go slower or faster because kind of on a 45 degree angle it didn't work if that is the case.

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