Monday, 3 July 2017

Science blog week 7

The Pulley Week 7

What I've done 
I made a pulley with Emma. We used weights to activate the pulley. Emma bought in a tissue box with little foam pieces in it, a roll of fishing line string and a metal thing.
we threaded the string through the metal thing tied it on to it then did the same with the tissue box. We hung the middle of the string onto the coat hanger so each item is on the two different sides. When you pull down the metal thing you are pulling the tissue box up, because the tissue box is heavier when you push it down a little bit the force that you're giving it will make the metal thing up.

What I found out 
We experimented with the weights and we took out 3 wooden blocks and the metal thing didn't rise because the tissue box wasn't heavy enough. We put back on of the wooden blocks and that made it go very slowly, then we put in another one and that made them about even, we put the 3rd wooden block in and it bad the metal thing go up very fast. So in that experiment I found out that even the slightest changes can make a big difference.

What I wonder
I wonder that since the blocks that we took our were wooden if that made a difference a lot when we put In the 3rd wooden block, Maybe that was heavier that's why it made a difference. I also wonder if the wooden blocks are heavier because they wooden.

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