Monday, 3 July 2017

Science blog week 8

Week 8 Rocket Balloon
What is force ?…. Force is a push, pull movement. It uses gravity to pull it down and force can be used to push it either way. When you're using force in a rocket balloon there is a thrust motion which makes it move forward. For example, when you throw a ball you're using force to push it away from you, then the ball will propel through the air and land on the ground

When we made the rocket balloon the materials we used were….. 
3m string, 
27/19 size balloon, 
15cm straw, 

How to make it…….
Tape both ends of the string to any object in the room
Then thread the string through the straw
Tape the balloon to the straw and then blow it up. 
Let the air release from the balloon and watch it propel across the string.

What I did
This week margo and I improved on our rocket balloon. 
We experimented on it 4 times and the 1st and 2nd time we were trying to speed it up. we had the string on a 180 degree angle, a 27x19cm balloon size, a 15cm straw and the tension the 1st time was firm and the 2nd time was tight. The 1st time we used two balloons and it didn't go the whole way because it twisted around and then stopped.
We timed it and it went 6.24 secs, the 2nd time it went 3.95 secs.. The 2nd time we took 1 balloon off and it went faster than the last time but didn't go the whole way. The 3rd and 4th time we had the string 90 degrees and the tension was loose and the balloon size was 32/10. This time we were trying to slow it down. Both times It didn't go all the way up. I think it didn't go up because the tension was loose. When we timed the 3rd and 4th time the 3rd time it went 4.18 secs and the 4th time it went 2.31 secs.

What I wonder….?
I wonder what will happen if we had the string all the way across room 13 and 12 and had the balloon big and if it would go the whole way.

How I can use my leaning……..
I can use my learning by designing a setup of a playground and showing force in the different areas of the playground.

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