Monday, 3 July 2017

Science blog week 9/10

Week 9/10 Science blog 

My plan for my playground... 

I think something that's going well for me is the quality of my equipment because I'm making it at home and that means I can ask my mum for feedback and she can help me with any really hard parts.

A struggle for me is the size because my playgrounds going to be big  so I will have to figure out a way to display it.

I'm working well because I'm working by myself and I can work on it in my own time and not have to organize something with another person and have to be working then by yourself for a bit while they go to maths and not knowing what to do in that time. 
I'm going to improve on my slide so it looks more even.

My Next step is going to be finishing off my equipment and cut the size of my board then gluing it down.

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