Thursday, 28 September 2017


Bouncing high in the sky, flying for a couple of seconds
only then to fall back onto the surface of the trampoline. Me, my sister and my two cousins jumping.
All of us, me the youngest up in the air in my cousin's backyard in Greymouth having the time of our lives.

Obviously I had the advantage to bounce the highest and that's because I was the smallest, but having the advantage isn't always going to turn out the right way.

As I said at the start I was bouncing high in the sky and because of that I dived off the trampoline and my arm landed on the ground. I don't remember the exact feeling I had when I fell but I imagine it was like falling off a cliff or failing a dive off a diving board and face planting on the surface of the water, and I know what that feels like. Gasps surrounding me. 
After a lot of crying and waves of pain washing over me in between more crying 
my mum says “that doesn't look quite right”

 Looking at my fractured arm we raced over to the Greymouth Hospital. I could feel each and every bump going through my bones, the vibration was intense.

When we got there we rushed inside the hospital and I got my arm xrayed. Then we got told, “The people that do the plastering are away because it’s a public holiday so come back tomorrow”.  At that moment I was really wondering what my mum and dad were thinking.

So in frustration we drove back to our cousins house feeling no better, and waited till the next day arrived. 
After a sleepless night having my arm propped up with pillows we head back to the hospital hoping the people are there to put a cast on my arm. Thankfully 
they were. After choosing a red cast we drive back, I get chocolates from my cousins and an apology. Thankfully that was the end of of the drama and I could finally relax. 

But looking back now the only thing I wish I had done differently was choose the cast I actually liked.

Well there's always next time, that is of course, if it's not a public holiday.

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