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Money shot 

We had to take a photo of what we thought the heart of Waimairi School is.
A week or two before as a class we went away in groups and talked about the heart of Waimairi School is, then we shared what we discussed to the class. After that we moved on to thinking about some ideas for what we are taking for our money shot. I then took a photo of the mural I painted outside our classroom. I took that because many students at a school wouldn't have an opportunity to paint a wall.
This is my photo.

Talent Show

Recently we did a Talent Show. Grace and Jessie were the hosts, Kate and kiri were the judges.
The class could sign up and do any type talent that they wanted to do.
1st place would win a box of Favourites and 2nd and 3rd place would win a bag of M&M’s
I didn't enter but Aishani, Margo and Ruby entered.
They did a dance to Hakuna Matata.
1st place went to Romae, Sophie and Megan, they sang a song. 2nd place went to Gabby and she also sang, Gabby was nervous at the start and waited till a few acts went by then got up again to do her singing act. 3rd place went to Alex who created a paper plane blindfolded.
I really enjoyed lots of the different acts.
In between acts Jessie came up with jokes.
At the end everyone that did an act in the Talent Show got a lollie out of the lollie jar.

Fly on the wall

Fly on the wall is were people in our class organize a time with other teachers around the school and watch what the class learns.
I went to Danks. Since my mum runs Danks I could ask her at home. 
I went for half an hour which is half a session.
I learnt how Danks is set up and what things my mum does to help kids spell. I watched a boy called Michael do Danks and I had a great time.
First he was remembering numbers then started spelling different words.
At the end Michael read out words to my mum and my mum read out words to Michael and they both had to spell the words out loud.

Calendar Art

For our Calendar Art we had a choice out of a silhouette picture, collage Picture or a tapa cloth picture. I chose the silhouette picture.

First I drew lines to mark how big the strips of coloured paper are in the background on a draft piece of paper.
I printed out a picture of swimming then cooking and then aerial silks. 
I traced around each picture, cut it out and coloured it in with black.
I got paper different colours of the rainbow and cut out strips of each colour and stuck them on the paper.
Then I stuck on the silhouettes I made.


Bouncing high in the sky, flying for a couple of seconds
only then to fall back onto the surface of the trampoline. Me my sister and my two cousins jumping.
All of us, me the youngest up in the air in my cousin's backyard in Greymouth having the time of our lives.

Obviously I had the advantage to bounce the highest and that's because I was the smallest, but having the advantage isn't always going to turn out the right way.

As I said at the start I was bouncing high in the sky and because of that I dived off the trampoline and my arm landed on the ground. I don't remember the exact feeling I had when I fell but I imagine it was like falling off a cliff or failing a dive off a diving board and face planting on the surface of the water, and I know what that feels like. Gasps surrounding me. 
After a lot of crying and waves of pain washing over me in between more crying 
my mum says “that doesn't look quite right”

 looking at my fractured arm we raced over to the Greymouth Hospital. I could feel each and every bump going through my bones, the vibration was intense.

When we got there we rushed inside the hospital and I got my arm xrayed. Then we got told, “The people that do the plastering are away because it’s a public holiday so come back tomorrow.”At that moment I was really wondering what my mum and dad were thinking.

So in frustration we drove back to our cousins house feeling no better, 
and waited till the next day arrived. 
After a sleepless night having my arm propped up with pillows we head back to the hospital hoping the people are there to put a cast on my arm. Thankfully 
they were. After choosing a red cast we drive back, I get chocolates from my cousins and an apology. Thankfully that was the end of of the drama and I could finally relax. 

But looking back now the only thing I wish I had done differently was choose the cast I actually liked.

Well there's always next time, that is of course, if it's not a public holiday.

Sculpture Reflection 

Found art is a piece of a art made from found objects. Such as a ballerina sculpture made out of an old Barbie doll, tin foil and silver paint, which is what Ruby and I made. 
Our inspiration was a photo on the internet. 
We were looking at different types of unique sculptures that have been made, then looked at a photo we liked closely and thought about what we could make that sculpture with, with the things we had at home.
Something that went well was the dress because I had a different picture in my mind then Ruby came up with an idea and we went with Ruby's idea and it turned out really well and I was really pleased with the dress.

I would change who I work with to by myself because it's easier doing it by yourself and I can make my own decisions.

Our sculpture is called Dancing Tinfoil.

My sculpture plan 

Activity  creating a ballerina sculpture 

With who  Ruby.B

Where  in the classroom

What we need
Tinfoil (lots of it)
spray paint 
A barbie doll
Mouth mask

Who can bring what

Ruby                 Ella
Tinfoil               Tinfoil 
Barbie doll        Mouth masks 
                            Spray paint 

The school has 

Key competency 
Problem solving because I have a few doubts about this 
and since we can't buy anything it will make it harder.

Cut off barbies legs 
Tie barbies hair in a bun 
Spray paint what's left of barbie 
Crinkle the tinfoil
Hot glue the tinfoil on to barbie

Arts rotation 

We did three different arts activities, they were dance, drama and music. I first did dance. In dance we were in the library and we started of dancing to different songs then we did different actions like the lawnmower, washing dishes and cleaning the car.
Then we got into partners and and combined each other's dances and showed them to everyone else.
I also did music, we had to find objects in the classroom and then make a band with other people and play our instruments. we made up a beat to play in front of the other people doing music.
Next time I will be doing drama.

Capturing the heart of Waimairi School 

In week two we started looking into our childhood and bringing photos from our past to school.
I brought in a photo which was of the day we got our cat Mr Spot and he was wearing mini sunglasses. We had to stick the photo in our books, if we had a special photo we could print them out. The class did a see think wonder about their photo. For my see think wonder in see I wrote down that there are mini sunglasses, a cute cat and in the background a stool. For think I put down I think it was the first photo I took on my iPad, and wonder I put down I wonder when it was taken and how old I was.

Yesterday we went around town looking at different types of art and sculptures in the Art Gallery. 
We excitedly waited to get on the bus, when we arrived at the Art Gallery the whole class took inspiring photos for their sculptures and memorable photos of the art around us. We then walked into the gallery and explored around the place looking at the different designs. We had a snack at the art gallery then walked down as a class to the margaret mahy playground and played for while before we had lunch. In our groups we explored around town then met at the dance-o mat but that was closed so we just hung around that area until we were all ready to met the bus back margaret mahy playground. 

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